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Mexico firework market outburst kills 29 and dozens severely injured

0 Views December 21, 2016
Mexico firework market outburst kills 29 and dozens severely injured

Mexico firework market outburst

An outburst at a fireworks market in an open area has killed 26 people and severely injured more than 72 people, says official reports.

The market known as San Pablito famous for the fireworks lies about 20 miles (32km) outside the city where the blast took place, killing 29 people and injuring more than 72 people severely.

According to the video of the outburst, scene showed a large number of fireworks flying into the sky as they caught fire. As the blast took place many of the emergency rescuers and police attended the scene at once to help out the ones in distress. The reason of the outburst is not yet known to the police.

The governor of the state Eruviel Avila says, that state of emergency has been put in the hospitals and doctors have been put on standby, as he gives the top priority to care for the injured and has called out for help from the public to keep the road clear for the ambulances and the police cars as he has dispatched them to help the distressed.

The firework market has been totally destroyed as per the pics provided by the police and medical officials. There was no way to take aerial pic of the place due to the thick black smoke of the fireworks. The firework market was completely demolished to the ground due to the outburst, firework market was said to contain more than 300 stalls and was as big as a football stadium and now ruined dirt.

According to the eye witnesses and to those who have successfully survived the blast and told to the local news media; “The sound of blasts started to go off and we thought it was a nearby fireworks workshop”.

The local news adds that the resident of the place and the survivor of the outburst said; “My neighbors said they felt everything shake, but I didn’t realise because I was running away”.

The president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, went to social media and tweeted condolences to the families of those whom past away due to the outburst and wished a speedy recovery to the survivors who got injured in the outburst.

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