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Juventus re-create Brand Crest/Badge upsets fans

0 Views January 18, 2017
Juventus re-create Brand Crest/Badge upsets fans

According to news reports, the Juventus finally changed the brand crest, which they were planning on for so long.

Actually the Italian champions Juventus launched their new club crest on Friday night. actually this was a sudden shock to the fans and they were they suddenly gotten upset with the new crest of their club.

They are calling their much maligned redesign, “a symbol of the Juventus way of living”.

In fact the decision was really hard for the club for tearing up a badge that supporters had grown with. Actually the crest was done in the favor of the appealing to the new market. According to the new market the badges and crest must be minimalist stylized black and white.

On other hand Juventus is not the first to fall in the line of the badge redesign. Actually many others have already went through this rough patch and have succeeded.

As for other clubs one of the most recent crest changes which occurred and suffered from backlash is Everton.

According news reports, Everton had issue a groveling apology and offered up renewed plans to consult supporters after re-design crest. Their re-design crest face magnificent fan backlash back in the year 2013.

Actually the Everton club faced this due to the petition, which was made against the new crest. The new crest by the Everton club was only used for a year because they quickly pushed ahead kit manufacturers.
The new crest was removed by the protesters and the signed petition of 24,000 fans forcing the change.

Actually Everton was subjected that they have made this change to omit the tradition of the club. According to the news, the motto of the Club is “Nil Satis Nisi Optimum”, which translated means “nothing but the best us the good enough”.

In fact after the petition the Everton club released a statement in regards to the new crest of the club. The statement stated that. “We are sorry. It is clear that you wanted to be involved in the selection of our new club crest”.

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