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First class treatment for birds to be seen in flight

0 Views February 2, 2017
First class treatment for birds to be seen in flight

According to news source, it can be seen that the flight cabin is full of falcons, it was said they were traveling to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

We bet that you have never seen such a view in your entire lifetime while traveling in airplane. In fact one of the passengers boarded a flight dreading who might be his neighbor for the next few hours.

Mostly people think that they will actually be one of those passengers who disturb the whole flight. However your neighbor can have one of these disturbing traits snoring, encroach on your personal space, smelly feet or perhaps a crying baby?

In fact passengers of Qatar, Emirates, Etihad or Royal-Jordanian Airlines may have some unique type of neighbor waiting for you. Actually the neighbor you would be looking forward might not be even human being but be a bird.

According to reports the Middle Eastern Airlines, have allowed the falcons to have their own passport. The falcons are in fact allowed to fly inside the cabins, mostly perching on their owners’ arms.

Actually the falcons are the ultimate status symbol in the Middle East amongst the rich and strong. However it has now become a routine mostly for the owners of the falcons to have them around everywhere. Even they will have them joined uncaged, aboard flights, no matter if they’re travelling economy or first class.

Actually this week a picture of tens of falcons went viral, the treasured falcons were inside a first class cabin.

According to Nasif kayed, the falcons can cost anywhere between 2,000 dirhams ($544) and 70,000 dirhams ($19,058). Nasif Kayed is actually the Arab Culturist and he told this to a news source.

According to Nasif Kayed, “It depends on what you’re looking for and how much money you have, of course”. However he further adds, “It depends on the breed, some are (bred) for speed, others are for long distance hunting”.

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